SLJ – Poem Postcard Kick Start

Today I have done the kick start activity of Poem Postcard. I have used an online tool to create a ballad poem. I have chosen this because it reminds me of the olden days in the city where there were lots of people dancing and singing. I would send my post card to my Mum because she reminds me of the oldie people in the olden days. This was the most fun activity picking  because I like choosing old photos so I can learn.

Here is a photo of  the poem that I pick for my poem.

One thought on “SLJ – Poem Postcard Kick Start

  1. Mōrena Cosma,

    This is such a fun activity as I love poetry and love collecting postcards!! My favourite type of poetry is haikus and tankas, they are old Japanese forms of poetry used to describe emotions and nature. What is your favourite type of poetry?

    I love the art you have chosen, it is such a beautiful scene! I wonder where it is? It is awesome to hear that you chose to use a ballad style poem, I agree that it is fitting to the painting as I imagine they sung ballads during the time of that painting.

    How cool that this AI was generated, how did that work?

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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