SLJ – Notan Art Kick Start

Today I have made my own Notan Art. Notan Art was created in Japanese culture. I have used shapes to form my very own Notan Art placed them in different ways. Hope you have a wonderful day and God Bless!

Here is my picture of my Notan Art:

2 thoughts on “SLJ – Notan Art Kick Start

  1. Kia ora Cosma,

    Well done on not only using the shapes, but thinking about how to place them and add depth – especially with the heart within a heart. Looks very effective.
    Did you try out using any line tools to create your shapes? Have you though about giving the Step it Up Challenge a go and creating a piece with a theme?

    Whaea Michelle
    Manaiakalani Facilitiator – Horowhenua

  2. Kia ora Cosma,

    Your Notan art is beautiful. How did you create it?
    I like how you have used a variety of different shapes and that each shape looks like it has a shape within a shape. It really captures my attention.

    I have learnt a bit about Notan art recently. I learnt it is the contrast between light and dark and is an art technique that many famous artists have used. I also learnt that not all Notan is black and white which surprised me. There are variations of Notan art that have colour but still focus heavily on the contrast of dark and light. From my research it was mostly used in paintings from the olden days although I imagine artists have learnt these techniques and still use them today.

    You should check out Lucas’s blog.He included some pretty interesting information in his description. You could even leave him a comment about his artwork.
    Lucas’s Blog

    How did you find creating Notan art? Was it challenging or did you pick it up pretty quickly?


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