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Facts about the Goliath bird eater/spider

Goliath spiders can be big up to a men’s head and when they catch  their prey they bite them and then they are dead right away and sucks their blood and their guts then leaving them dead and did you know that the Goliath spider has these tiny hairs that can sense danger ahead?

When the Goliath spider see their predators they scratch  their head and little hairs that are little and spiky stingy float to them and then they run away and did you know that a Goliath spider eyes are poor?

But then the predators lost their prey  and as for the Goliath spider they won.





The haunted house: part 1 !

Once there was a boy named Jack.He  and his friends went to a house that was in a forest and they went inside because they wanted to see if it was haunted because they heard humors that this house was the most haunted house ever.

So they pack their stuff and went to the house when they got to the house they set up camp. when they were about to go sleep they heard noise’s like doors slamming loud windows creaking and then they heard the phone ringing.

When they got the phone the person that called the phone said I will be there in 1 hour `the kids got scared so they got a device that can track a ghost so they go the device and check every room in the house and when they went to the living room the device started beeping.

The kids got so scared on of the kids fainted and the device stop beeping and then they help the kid that faint and went back to camp.

When they were sleeping they heard a scream and they woke the that fainted was gone  so the other kids pack their stuff and got out of the house and then they said they will never come back again.


My sailing experience


My experience for sailing.


Yesterday Room 7 & 6 were going to a lagoon 

which was a lake. We had to walk from St Patrick’s School to somewhere but when we got there was  2 person’s called Allie and Steph. 


Allie and Steph were teaching us what to do when you are sailing. Allie and Steph were teaching us about the ropes to turn the  boat with the wind  around and the flipper for steering that was at the back of the boat.


 After that she said for all of us to have four buddies on land to steer,turn and balance as well but we only had 2 minutes so after 2 minutes we got ready , got our swimming togs on and got our life jackets on. Then Allie told that the yr 6’s were going first so Allie told us that we had to move our boats near the lake and when a touch the water it was so cold My shoes were covered in sand and so many shells i wanted to take my shoes off but we couldn’t so when we were in the water and sailing I was so scared and when we were sailing Allie told us that there was a race

 And  that we had to touch her engines but the others were catching up.


 We were nearly in last and then Allie was throwing  ducks and the others got one and we did not but then we did and the ducks name was FRANK! Me and Theo we’re so happy we got FRANK so after that Allie and Steph  we’re lining us up with the ropes then I notice that we were playing Simon says so Allie said something then we had to do it but the most exciting thing she said was cap size our boats – that means we had to flip our boats over then back up.


 and then I pushed Theo off the boat and I was cracking up so hard I could not breathe properly and everyone was laughing too. I fell off as well then I was swimming across the lake but then i noticed something there was no GROUND! But good thing i had my life jacket on cause if i did not I will drown so then we got back on the boat and head back to shore after that I felt so cold but Mr Bell said that we can change back to our uniform and then it was the year 5’s turn to go and while they were sailing we were doing actives on land but we were split to two groups and i was having Mrs Agnew and our active was 

Tying knots together i]and believe me it was so awesome after that we were helping put the boats away because the yr 5’s we’re finished sailing and we had to fill out a form of what were our favorite things we learn and for what we have learned about.


 And then we gave a big thank you to all and Steph  then we walk all the way back to st Patrick’s school and when we got there we were so tired it was almost lunch time so after lunchtime we had a little game before the final with room 6 after we played the bell rang and we said our pray for the day with all of the other classes too.


THE END…………………………….