SLJ – Summer Chat Story Step It Up

Today I have done the Summer Chat Step It Up activity. I had to create a chat story with someone and that someone is my older sister named Rina. My chat is about going to watch the latest karate movie called Kung Fu Panda four. I have  added another slide with my photo of myself in karate form. I hope you have a wonderful day and God Bless!

One thought on “SLJ – Summer Chat Story Step It Up

  1. Mōrena Cosma,

    What an interesting step up from your previous post. It is like a way to design a conversation in which you would share your silhouette photo.

    I think you did an awesome job coming up with a mock conversation between a friend and yourself. It almost looks like a screenshot straight off your phone!!

    I see you continued with your Karate theme in this conversation, is karate something you are passionate about? Do you take lessons?

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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