Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday on Tuesday Mr Bell set up a ki o’rahi tournament. We had to be in our house teams which are Rimu, Rata, Totara and Kauri. I was in the kauri team.  There were 6 rounds and first was kauri vs rata and my old coach, coach Trey was  the referee. He told each team the rules of the ki o’rahi game. There has to be two guardians to protect the tupu  – tupu means the rock and two teams are called Taniwha and Komai. I was not playing in the first game  but at least my other team mates got to go.  So after coach Trey said the rules to each team they were getting ready to play ki o’rahi each team were doing so great me and Theo were cheering so loudly. We were doing the Russian dance for the kauri team.  After the first game it was time for the second round until all the teams had played one another. After we had finished the game the ref counted the points and the Kauri team won. We all jumped up and shouted ‘hooray.’ Then after that Mr Bell told the  house teams to  come to the canopy  so Coach Trey could give fake money to my brother and his team.out of his pocket.

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