Year: 2022

How to make a tree hut

Last term we were learning about working together as a class and we read the story called “The Tree Hut Treaty.” At the end of the term our teacher said we were going to design and make our own tree huts at school. I was very excited and was one of the first people to bring my building stuff to class.

We stored all our things at the back of the classroom. Last week we started. I had a massive box  to use for my hut. First the base is made of  1 big box. I used the 4 sides with the 1 big box but there was a little thing sticking out of the top so I cut them off. Then I re glued them back on. This was the floor. 

Second, the roof I made out of the box as well but with wiggly cardboard and sellotaped it.

Third I made a mini chair, a mini fridge out of a juice box and a mini TV and put them inside. They looked cool. 

For  the  legs I used toilet paper rolls and then I stuck it under the tree hut with hot glue. Mrs Agnew had to help me because it was hard to get it to balance.

I decided not to paint my tree hut because it was so big but I covered it in material. I thought if I did that then it wouldn’t let the water in.

Then we tested our tree huts and we had 4 success criteria.  We had to make sure it could take the weight of 4 scissors inside it, which mine could. Then we had to see if water was coming inside our tree hut  and it didn’t so I was saved. We also had to put our tree huts in front of our class fan and count to 10 and hope they don’t fall over. The last thing was our hut mustn’t be taller than 50 cm. Mine was 50 cm. 

I enjoyed making my tree hut and trying to work out the problems that happened like how a person could get into the hut. I hope we can do something like this again. 



About me

Talofa  everyone. My name is Cosma and I am 10 years old. I am in Year 6  and I go to St Patrick’s. I am Samoan and I like to pray with my family. I am good at soccer because I am at good

kicking the ball to make a score  . At school I am good at Math and I like to help my friends if they don’t understand something. Sometimes I find writing hard because I can’t see the mistakes when I am still writting . This year I want to share my ideas with my group and listen to other people’s ideas too.

This year I hope I can come to school everyday and not be sick at home again. I like being with my friends and playing games with them. My mum inspires me because she works very hard to make money for our family. She loves me and I think she is special. with my parents and my siblings who are all older than me. and for my dog called Cece. and here is a photo of me in my new class.


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