About me

Talofa  everyone. My name is Cosma and I am 10 years old. I am in Year 6  and I go to St Patrick’s. I am Samoan and I like to pray with my family. I am good at soccer because I am at good

kicking the ball to make a score  . At school I am good at Math and I like to help my friends if they don’t understand something. Sometimes I find writing hard because I can’t see the mistakes when I am still writting . This year I want to share my ideas with my group and listen to other people’s ideas too.

This year I hope I can come to school everyday and not be sick at home again. I like being with my friends and playing games with them. My mum inspires me because she works very hard to make money for our family. She loves me and I think she is special. with my parents and my siblings who are all older than me. and for my dog called Cece. and here is a photo of me in my new class.


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