Year: 2022

Preparing for athletics day

After morning room 6 and I  were going to play with coach Bart. First we had to run fast and we could run anywhere we liked to run.  After that we were warmed up and then we could play a game called sheepdog.

So two sheepdogs have noodles and they have to catch the other sheep. So when we started it, some of the people were caught and I was caught too .

After we played sheepdog all of us raced to the hedge so we could practice our running. “On your marks, get set, GO!!!” Then  Coach Bart gave us toys so we could measure our height. Then we had to jump over it. Some of the people jumped over theirs and some people jumped much further than their toys.

After that  our lesson was finished. Coach Bart our PE teacher was so proud of us doing  our  athletics skills so well. Even our teacher Mrs Agnew was so proud of us. Then  after that  all of us went back to class and we went back because we were so hot!

Then we started to write a blog about what we had learned at athletics. Here is a picture of us doing athletics skills.



Making our class movie

On the first day I was excited to begin to make our class movie. We started by making potato people using lots of different materials like toothpicks, eyes, material and our brains.  I was away sick but I got to make my boy potato and he wore a hat.

Then Ms Toland said we were going to use the potatoes to make a stop motion movie. She put us into groups and I was in the evil layer group. We had to make a background first and ours was painted black and grey with lots of stars and planets on it. We had a practise first with the ipads and I was with Nixcent, Nicole and Zenalia. We took turns to be the director, scene manager, cameraman and editor. It was really fun.

Last week we went to the library to finish our movie. We had to take millions of photos and then do voice overs so it looked like the potatoes were talking. I liked doing that. We will get to watch our movie next term.


Every Monday our class goes to  the court down near room 7  &  8   to play basketball. Coach Tray teaches us

how to play basketball  and he has taught us how to dribble, do an over head pass, three point shot, chest pass, bounce pass.

All of our classmates were having fun.  We played some games,  shooting hoops dribbling back and forth.

We had to bounce the basketball to the other person. It was great and we got to wear our PE clothes and

we got to have some time to play basketball with everyone in our class. Here is a picture of us playing basketball.


Swimming Lessons

Everyday for the last two weeks of last term, we learned new skills about swimming and keeping safe in the water. It was so cool.

Our instructor Mrs Parley showed  us all how to swim and as we got used to it we got better and even more confident .

We got to jump into the pool  and we had a race with the room 7’s and the room 8’s.  It was wicked. Then we had to

float on our backs, back then forth. After that we swam with our boards  and Ms Yumul videoed us swimming. It was great and  on our last day we had to  wear life jackets and there was a boat there.  Ms Parley showed us how to swim together and then we had to fall off the boat and swim to the ladder. It was awesome.

Animation Blog – My Family Time

We have been making animations on our Chromebook-Google Slide.

l really enjoy it because it’s fun doing new things and making the characters move.

My favorite part was when my siblings and l went to the shop.

My story is about my siblings and l going to the shop.

My brother was wearing a t- shirt and short.

and my sister was wearing a long sleeve and a pants.

Ki o Rahi

This term coach Chelsea is going to teach us a cool game called ki o rahi. Ki o rahi is based on the legend of Rahi and Tiara. It is a Maori game. Coach Chelsea taught us tagging games. One game was for two teams called Kimoa and Taniwha. When the coach called the Kimoa team, the Taniwha team had to run and tag Kimoa people so they could get a point. If coach Chelsea says Taniwha then the Kimoa team had to chase them. It was so much fun and we were tired at the end. Here is a picture of us playing.