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Characterisation of Fingerbone Bill


I am old. I am wise and I am an investigator of nature. My body is old and wiry and I brush my teeth daily. I am knowledgeable too. I have a jolly black face, which is wrinkled, and unfortunately I can’t see properly anymore. I love Stormboy as my own son. I am black. I am reliable and not dependent on other people.

I am………………………………………  Fingerbone Bill

what does your digital footprint say about you?

Today Mrs Grant showed us how to make an informed guess 
by reading on someone else's blog online. everyone can see this information 
and to share with integrity and we all have to make kind,positive,andhelpful comments 
online.Only share content your whanau will be proud of.

Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday on Tuesday Mr Bell set up a ki o’rahi tournament. We had to be in our house teams which are Rimu, Rata, Totara and Kauri. I was in the kauri team.  There were 6 rounds and first was kauri vs rata and my old coach, coach Trey was  the referee. He told each team the rules of the ki o’rahi game. There has to be two guardians to protect the tupu  – tupu means the rock and two teams are called Taniwha and Komai. I was not playing in the first game  but at least my other team mates got to go.  So after coach Trey said the rules to each team they were getting ready to play ki o’rahi each team were doing so great me and Theo were cheering so loudly. We were doing the Russian dance for the kauri team.  After the first game it was time for the second round until all the teams had played one another. After we had finished the game the ref counted the points and the Kauri team won. We all jumped up and shouted ‘hooray.’ Then after that Mr Bell told the  house teams to  come to the canopy  so Coach Trey could give fake money to my brother and his team.out of his pocket.

ANZAC biscuit

 On Thursday the whole class was so excited because we were going to taste Anzac Cookies. I had to describe what it looked like, tasted like, felt like and  smelled like. Did you know in 1915 the first World War was on and all the men were starving? So the women all made ANZAC cookies and sent them a long way to where the New Zealand and Australian soldiers were so they would not starve to death. Did you know that the ANZAC cookies are made from sugar, coconut, golden syrup, butter and baking soda. When I touched my biscuit it felt as hard as wood and when I tasted it, it tasted like a sweet, coconut wheel.

Our 175 year Jubilee

On Friday when I woke up my Mum reminded me about St Patrick’s Jubilee for 175 years. So my siblings and I were getting ready and then our Mum dropped us off at school. Then we went to our classes followed by walking up to mass. After that Ms Kyle said that we could read or we could draw because it was nearly morning tea. I was about to read but….. RING! RING! RING!!!!!!! The bell rang and I was shocked. So I put my book down and I got my snack and went outside. 

After morning tea, all of the students came out to the canopy so Mrs Bullot could call out the teams which were all Irish names. My team’s name was Apricots. After that we rotated between all the teachers who had prepared different games for us to play. 

Then the next day was another celebration at school. My family was too busy to come but I could only come at the end.

On Sunday we all got ready for the big day. I was excited. We went to mass and the Tongans, Samoans and Filipinos had prepared amazing rituals and it was so amazing. After that we went to  the hall so we could sing and entertain the guests as a school and different ethnic communities. There was a delicious lunch too. Happy 175 years, St Patrick’s School and Parish. 




We are learning to learn how to use a touch pad

In the morning at 9.00  Mrs Grant showed us how to use a touchpad  properly and to do shortcuts on a keyboard   or a chromebook.  Then she did some slides for us to do and there was one for the years 4  and one for the year 5   but  Mrs Grant said some of the year 5’s can do the Year 4’s task too. So me and Tuakalau picked the first one. Then we needed to write a blog about our learning. And I can’t wait for Mrs Grant to come again. Here is a picture of the slide that me and Tuakalau  did:

konichiwa, bulung, talofa lava, malo lelei ,and kia ora my name is Cosma

Kia ora! My name is Cosma, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favourite subject is Maths and Reading and I enjoy learning about Space and cooking.  I am good at Soccer and helping people.  My goal for this year is to Learn about Maths. In my spare time I like  Walking my dog and riding my brothers