The Story About How Matariki Started

Papatuanuku and Ranginui were surrounded in darkness crouched together with their children between them.

They were annoyed and irritated with living this way and they began to wonder  what could be done. Tumatauenga, the god of war suggested to beat their parents to death however tane mahuta wanted to separate Ranginui  to the sky and Papatuanuku to the earth. Tane prepared himself by lying flat on his back. He stretched his legs above forcing his father up into the sky to stay there forever. When their parents were separated they saw a glimmer of light appear and in no time the world was visible.

Tawhirimatea the god of wind was angry and he pulled out his eyes as a symbol of his love and hurt throwing them into the milky way above. To this day Tawhirimatea the blind and unseeing god, moves around New Zealand blowing his anger wherever he moves.

This is my Matariki star I wove using wool and a circular piece of cardboard.and  It was so fun.

One thought on “The Story About How Matariki Started

  1. Kia Ora, Cosma

    I love the creativity of your star, you have put amazing effort and a lot of details in your blog post. I hope you have a good day and God Bless.

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