Month: July 2022

Swimming Lessons

Everyday for the last two weeks of last term, we learned new skills about swimming and keeping safe in the water. It was so cool.

Our instructor Mrs Parley showed  us all how to swim and as we got used to it we got better and even more confident .

We got to jump into the pool  and we had a race with the room 7’s and the room 8’s.  It was wicked. Then we had to

float on our backs, back then forth. After that we swam with our boards  and Ms Yumul videoed us swimming. It was great and  on our last day we had to  wear life jackets and there was a boat there.  Ms Parley showed us how to swim together and then we had to fall off the boat and swim to the ladder. It was awesome.

Animation Blog – My Family Time

We have been making animations on our Chromebook-Google Slide.

l really enjoy it because it’s fun doing new things and making the characters move.

My favorite part was when my siblings and l went to the shop.

My story is about my siblings and l going to the shop.

My brother was wearing a t- shirt and short.

and my sister was wearing a long sleeve and a pants.