Day: October 19, 2023

Our visit to stone cottage

Yesterday, room 6 children went to visit the cottage opposite St Patrick’s School at 10.00 sharp.  When we got to the cottage there were two people there, Terry and Patrick who were going to show us  around the cottage. 

The first room in the cottage was the living room or the parlour which is what it was called a long time ago. Terry said that visitors would come to that room. The men liked to drink their tea in that room and we saw old pictures of the old streets of Panmure on the walls.

After that we went to the bedroom where the parents used to sleep, and then Terry said that there was a potty that the people used as a toilet. Then Terry showed us some clothes that the women used to wear which were pantaloons or undies! We also saw old dolls which were about 100yrs old.

Later we went to the kitchen where the mum used to cook the food. They also planted sweet potatoes or kumara in the backyard. We also saw a frame with a lot of men in the photo with  mustaches surrounded by lots of fragile plates and cups.

Then Patrick showed us what the kids used to play with.       They were called stilts. Stilts where what kids try to stand on in the olden days and they looked like they were really fun. Then  after that  Patrick led us upstairs to two more rooms, one with artifacts in it and the other a bedroom for the children.

I really enjoyed our outing across the road because there were so many old items to look at that I have never heard on or even seen before. It was great.