Day: October 12, 2023

My Cycling Experience

Yesterday Kate and Kyla were here to show us how to  to ride a bike safely. First Kate was showing us what shoes to wear and the five s’s for safety on a  helmet. The five s’s were shell, styrofoam, straps, stickers and safety.

After that we all went outside  stood along the fence and we got ourselves a helmet. Then Kyla showed us the A, B, C, D and Q for our bike safety check. The letter A was for air in our tyres, when we had to push the palm of our hand down onto the bike tyre to check if it was flat or not. The B was for brakes. Kyla showed us if the brakes were steady enough when she held the bike and moved it back and forth with the brakes on and it stopped.  So mine were okay. The third letter was C which was for control/chain  when we had to check the chain if it was  greasy  but it was not too bad. The D was for the drop test when we had to see if everything was secure when we picked the bike up and dropped it. The last letter was Q for the quick release test when we had to move our bikes back and forth to see if they were moving freely and they were.

After that each of us got a bike.  Angelina and Jaeden each got a silver bike and the medium people got the green and silver bikes. The tall people got the big bikes called the Black Thunder which are our school  bikes. After some time they asked if those people who were confident enough would go with Kyla and the ones who were not confident enough would go with Kate.

When we went with Kyla we had to put two fingers on both brakes gently because if you do it too quickly you might fly over the handle bars. We need to use our brakes well so if anyone crashes we can quickly use our brakes to stop in time. After that it was morning tea and me and the boys were playing soccer

Later we put our helmets on and Kyla showed us how to do hand signals and sign. She asked us to look over our right shoulders to check for cars and then put our hands out to indicate when we wanted to turn. At first it was quite tricky but we got it after a couple of goes.

We thank you Bigfoot for coming and teaching us how to ride a bike safely. We hope we can do it again next year.