Day: May 6, 2024

The haunted house:

Once there was a boy named Jack.He  and his friends went to a house that was in a forest and they went inside because they wanted to see if it was haunted because they heard humors that this house was the most haunted house ever.

So they pack their stuff and went to the house when they got to the house they set up camp. when they were about to go sleep they heard noise’s like doors slamming loud windows creaking and then they heard the phone ringing.

When they got the phone the person that called the phone said I will be there in 1 hour `the kids got scared so they got a device that can track a ghost so they go the device and check every room in the house and when they went to the living room the device started beeping.

The kids got so scared on of the kids fainted and the device stop beeping and then they help the kid that faint and went back to camp.

When they were sleeping they heard a scream and they woke the that fainted was gone  so the other kids pack their stuff and got out of the house and then they said they will never come back again.